s Visions for the Future

Following the completion of this project as a corporate-academic joint research project in March 2005, the SOBA Project will be split into two different entities, the "Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development," a specified nonprofit organization to promote the development and spread of open-source software, and SOBA Inc. (tentative name), which will provide a commercial version of the SOBA Framework and support for business users.

Internet Community Pioneers with Open-Development
-- a Specified Nonprofit Organization

Activities Establishing framework specifications, distribution of the framework as open-source, the unrestricted spread of the framework, development of applications using the framework, exchanging information between members, etc.
Administration Type Individuals and groups who agree to activities on open-source can participate freely.

*The following table is still in the planning stage, and is subject to change.

SOBA Inc. (tentative name)

Activities SOBA Inc. will develop a commercial version of the framework based on framework specifications established in the SOBA open-source community. This will be available free of charge to the SOBA open-source community. Licenses will be granted and support given to core development groups, commercial users, etc. SOBA Inc. will also consider the development of other SOBA-related projects, such as the holding of seminars and the development of killer applications.
Administration Type will be operated based on company and small-scale personal investments.