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April 2003: Seeking a Core Group of Participant Companies

The SOBA Project is a new form of P2P communication in this age of broadband Internet technology, and we are seeking companies who not only agree to this initiative, but are willing to support the research and development of the SOBA Framework. For more details, please refer to the following site: Guide for Potential Core Participant Companies

September 2002: Change to a Corporate-Academic Joint Project

The SOBA Project has now become a corporate-academic joint project, with assistance from industrial, academic, and also government entities.

The project has also been commissioned under the Scientific and Technical Promotion Adjustment Funds program of Japan's Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology as "research into application software for virtual communication sessions on broadband communications networks".

In September 2002, the Project received a 3-year national grant to the value of 100 million yen per year.

This grant is almost the same amount as a corporate investment, and with nearly 200 million yen per year in operating funds, the SOBA Project is planning extensive enhancement of development methods for Framework ß.

Corporate-Academic Joint Project

The SOBA Project was launched in September 2001 under the belief that "cooperation between universities and corporations is a prerequisite for developing a superior framework." From its inception until the present (April 2002), we have actively sought corporate and academic participants, and devoted our joint efforts to the development of the alpha-version framework.

In the history of software development, many important concepts and paradigms that have subsequently revolutionized framework software have come from basic research conducted at universities or similar institutions. Taking UNIX as an example, there are also cases where the same institution has established both the basic theory and the implementation of a superior framework.

Similarly, the university research groups that are spearheading the basic research on the SOBA framework plan to actively participate until the final stages of system development rather than providing only the conceptual design and supporting theoretical research. On the other hand, the Project aims to fully utilize the know-how of our participating corporations for commercialization and consumer marketing strategies, as their level of expertise far surpasses universities in these areas. In this way, we aim to achieve a de facto standard for network communications.

    s SOBA Project Members
Development of the SOBA Framework is presently proceeding with members from five universities and two corporations.

Research Groups

A group led by Professor Reiji Nakajima (Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences of Kyoto University):Framework
A group led by Professor Etsuya Shibayama (Dept. of Mathematical and Computing Sciences of Tokyo Institute of Technology):Security, User Interface
A group led by Professor Yoshihiko Futamura (Dept. of Information and Computer Science, Dept. of Science and Engineering of Waseda University). : E-Learning Application


Software Development / Secretariat members

Akiho Adachi Akira Itoh, Kazushi Inui, Toshiaki Inoue, Shouji Urashita,
Toshihiro Ogata Takashi Kagawa, Makoto Kakuta, Yoshihiko Kakutani, Naoki Shinoda,
Jacques Garrigue, Yutaka Tamagaki, Nanami Chiwaki, Hiroyasu Niino, Yoshio Hayashi,
Miki Matsumoto, Takeshi Yada, Mikiya Yamazaki, Daisuke Yamashita, Nobuaki Yoshida,
Ryotaro Waga, Masahiro Watanabe

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